Our Product Range

The Solaris Initiative is an upmarket Australian trading company, specialising in sourcing and importing a broad range of products across women’s clothing and accessories; women’s footwear; beauty products; costume jewellery and women’s high-end fashion handbags, from markets including China, India and Africa.

The Solaris Initiative is committed to building an eco-friendly environment for improved business resilience, which includes producing products that are ethically manufactured to the highest standard suitable for distribution into the United States, United Kingdom and the European markets.

  • Women's Handbags

    Women's Handbags
  • Cosmetics Products

  • Make-Up Products

    Make-Up Products
  • Women's Fashion

    Women's Fashion
  • Shoes and Accessories

    Shoes and Accessories
  • Costume Jewellery

    Costume Jewellery

The Solaris Initiative Values

At The Solaris Initiative, we intend to play a positive role in improving social, ethical and environmental standards by ensuring that the products we produce are eco-friendly, and the manufacturers we use are committed to improving working conditions for local factory employees.


About The Solaris Initiative

The Solaris Initiative was founded by Redd Peters. Redd has over 25 years of business practice, which includes working as a make-up artist in the entertainment industry in London. Redd’s wide-ranging experience involved working with beauty products and women’s high-end couture in both the fashion and film industry.

Redd is now focusing on the development of cosmetics and fashion products for distribution in the United States, United Kingdom and the European markets.